Watch APRS

About Watch APRS

Introducing Watch APRS - A new way to live monitor APRS packets from ham and amateur radio transmitters across the world!

Watch APRS is a successor to my APRS Watch App from a few years ago. By popular demand I have re-designed, re-architected, and re-published the App as a new generational version in the App Store.

Watch APRS expands beyond the original by offering not only new reliable connections to APRS Tier 2 servers across the world but also many new features being built to improve your overall experience.

Features include:

  • Live monitoring of APRS traffic and packets based on GPS location

  • Live data analytics on APRS packets such as Average Outdoor Temperatures from weather telemetry data

  • Interactive mapping of APRS packets using your device's included Apple Maps feature

  • Improved UX/UI (User Interface and Experience) to view data from several types of APRS packets within the App

  • Improved connection reliability with APRS Servers including when the App is put in to the background and resumed from Sleep

  • Can handle thousands of packets and millions of bytes of data in a single App session

  • Industrial grade APRS packet parsing

  • Geocoding of APRS packet data to show location names on top of the actual GPS position

  • Re-built and re-coded with Xamarin, Xamarin Forms, C#, and the Microsoft .NET Standard/Core Frameworks - this means better reliability, dependability, and updates to the App overall

Announcing Watch APRS 3.0

On September 25th, 2022 we are now introducing the 3rd generation of Watch APRS. Watch APRS 3.0 will contain all new features and backend code to help improve the reliability of the Application. This version will require a new purchase to remove Ads from the main screens; however, it is a complete re-write to reduce the number of errors that we seen in the debug logs. I have been monitoring and listening to everyone's feedback!

This version took a while to bring to the market, but it was written with even more love by someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

If you notice any issues as I roll out the product please feel free to contact me at

Laconic View of APRS Stations

Simple display of APRS stations in your area. Move the map and the server listener automatically adjusts the filter by region.

Login and Auto-Transmit your Location

When you login using your APRS Call Sign and APRS Password associated to it our App will automatically transmit your location from your phone's GPS. We are currently working on the interface, but to obtain your APRS password please follow this link.

In App Purchases

This Application provides In-App Purchases. You are not required to purchase them for the use of the App. Our App might also serve Ad content to help keep the App free.