Welcome to
One Venerate

Welcome to One Venerate

Welcome to One Venerate Limited - your number one trusted source for App, Desktop, Computer, and Web Site services. Our services are available around the world. We are a Pennsylvania based technology company who not only designs & develops our own applications, but also uses our products to help generate leads for technology and management consulting services.

We offer many products and services and our architects and engineers are ready to service your technical needs for your home, startup, company, organization, and/or enterprise.

We also specialize in connected development with wearables and Internet of the Things (IoT) products with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other connectivity standard.

App Development

We offer a wide range of services to help you or your company design, architect, and develop your App from the ground up. Services include the design and development of back-end services to support your App, scalability, in addition to, implementing connections to wearable and/or Internet of the Things (IoT) devices.

Web Design & Development

Interested in getting your web site converted to WordPress, designed, or developed. Trust our experts to get your web site up and running. We also offer conversions from many web based platforms to WordPress which is among the top used web site development and blogging software packages on the market. We can convert your site from platforms such as Blogger, Ning, and many others.